‘We are the people you deal with every day’

The Officers that protect your family, The Military that protects your Freedom,
  Politicians, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Carpenters, Technicians, Engineers,
  Mom, Dads, Neighbors, Friends and Family.
  We are you!

‘We are not Anti-Government, We are just Pro Truth’

Contrary to what Main Stream Media and many Government Agencies state,
  Conspiracists are not all nut jobs, Paranoid or crazed people that need medication.
 We understand, There are some people out there that fall under that observation.
  But most are normal everyday people labeled crazy because they question                 Government involvement and overreach in many areas. 

‘We are not living in hiding, Terrified of repercussions’

We are not hiding in secrecy due to fear, Our computers are not rigged,
 Our emails are not securely protected, Our Computer Cameras are not covered with Tape,
 Guns are not secretly hidden throughout our houses. 
 We are everyday people just looking for the real World answers.

We are ‘The Conspiracist Community’